Our Links

o Atari Home
The most updated site I found
o MyAtari
The monthly on-line magazine for Atari users
The Definitive Atari Resource on the Internet
o SpareMiNT
FreeMiNT distribution (Atari unix clone)
Slovak Atari portal
o ARAnyM
new TOS compatible clone
o Ultimate TOS Software Index
Get programs from their Home Pages!

Active Atari Support & Development People
o Czuba Tech
Hardware design of CT60: 68060 Super Booster for Falcon 030
o Mario Becroft
Outstanding hardware and software developper (QUERTYX, VME Graphics Galaxy, SCSI-Ethrenet)
o Lyndon Amsdon
Usefull Atari hardware hacks, home of EtherNEC adapter
o Jo Even Skarstein
Great TaskBar & Connexion developer, N.AES and MagiC support

Czech Software Developers and Pages
o JOY's Home Page
Atari800, PARCP development, MiNT tools, ORTHODoX software
o New Design
Home of N Player and Whipper-snapper race
o Nova Domus
Page with Czech stuff (RSCs, HYPs)
o Raster's home page
Atari page of Computer Platform Unlimited, home of RMT
o JirkaSuv duch
Atari800 emulator on iPaq
o Bohdan's home page
Home of OSMD - the SpareMiNT installer, Czech ISO8859-2 stuff
o Czech Atari portal
Portál pro české uživatele počítačů Atari

o WebList server (Stan's Summer Workshop '96 project)
List server with local (Czech) list about ATARI

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