Shot Blyp
A WYSIWYG ST-Guide HYPertext source file editor with following features: Download!

 o JGMT v0.06
JAY GEM Message Trap: Download!

 o RSC Designer
RSC Designer is meant to be fully featured RSC editor. Currently it supports:

 Shot InterRSC v0.08
Powerful RSC file viewer with new ideas: Download!

 o JAY Groups II v0.55 beta
Thing Groups handling program. Reborn project on Jo Event Skarstein's request for TaskBar configuration and not only for that we believe. Download it!

 Shot JAY MSA archiver v1.08
It is full replacement of the MSA 2.3+ and has many new features: Download!

 o JAY Formatter v2.1
Allows You to format disk with variable parameters

 o JAY Shell
Starts program according to choosen file. Download!

 o Double2 for ST too!!!
Virtual screen (640x800 on St-high, 640x400 on St-middle) for ST/STe!!!

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