Atari ST

Now we work on
ST & compatible


o  Blyp
A WYSIWYG ST-Guide HYPertext source file editor.
o  Rsc Designer
Completely new and different RSC file editor.
o  JGMT v0.06
JAY GEM Message Trap (GEMSight-like programm)
o  InterRSC v0.08
RSC file viewer with new ideas.
o  JAY MSA archiver v1.08
It is full replacement of the MSA 2.3+ and has many new features. Now Freeware!
o  JAY Shell
Starts program according to choosen file.
o  JAY Formatter v2.1
Allows You to format disk with variable parameters.
o  JAY Groups II v0.55 beta
Thing Groups handling program, even for single TOS (1.4 or higher).
o  Double2 for ST too!!!
Virtual screen (640x800 on St-high 640x400 on St-middle) for ST/STe!!!

CPX modules

o Nemesis.CPX
Control the Nemesis system accelerator from BSS.
o  Clocky.CPX
Configuration CPX for Clocky™ by JOY


o  Mines v2.2
Game very known from Windows on PC.
o  Zebuland v1.30
Logical game which was created by Ke-Soft for 800XE.


o  RSM2EOBF v1.00
RSM.OVL to use the Interface's EXTOBFIX.PRGs in the RSM.
o  ICO.GVL v1.20
GEMVIEW load module.
o  KOALA.GVL v1.00
GEMVIEW load module.
o  POFO.GV[LS] v1.00
GEMVIEW Portfolio graphics load & save module.

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